Paddocks for Horse Rehabilitation
Horse Undergoing Rehabilitation

Why Choose JJ's Place for Your Horse's Rehabilitation?

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Boarding Accommodations for Injured & Recovering Horses

  • Intimate 8 stall barn in a serene, private setting on central Vancouver Island
  • Full, Semi-Full, Semi-Self, or Self Board available
  • 8+ acres of securely fenced pasture with many shady spots and multiple natural water elements to cool off on those hot summer days
  • Property runs beside a quiet dead end street - perfect for gentle safe in-hand walking or short daily rides
  • Paddock lengths can be shortened in increments of 10 feet for limited turn out
  • Small 80' x 80' field available for limited individual turn out (weather permitting)
  • 50' Round Pen onsite for Lunging/Liberty work
  • Safe, clean, secure stalls
  • Well water is ph balanced, particle filtered, UV light protected (as safe as humanly possible)
  • Well water is tested yearly
  • On-site access to horse trailer parking for additional nominal monthly fee
  • Self and Semi Full boarders have storage in the loft for grain and up to 120 bales of hay per year
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Injured Horses Recovering at JJ's Place
  • 12 x 11' rubber matted stalls generously bedded with wood shavings in a fully insulated barn
  • Attached ndividual in/out sand paddocks of various sizes with matted entranceways
  • Paddocks can be lengthened in increments of 10 feet to provide a graduated return over time from stall rest to full length turn out
  • Softwood shavings, NOT cedar, used daily
  • Shavings provide a healthier dust-free environment compared to sawdust
  • Full and Semi Full boarding stalls and paddocks are picked a minimum of 2 times per day
  • Extremely well-drained property, no mud
  • A no-climb manure pile for easy disposal
  • Cross ties in the 8' barn walkway

Boarding Services for Injured & Recovering Horses

  • Daily pasture turnout - weather permitting, with 6 other horses (maximum) up to 8 hours/day unless otherwise instructed
  • Feeding services 3 x daily if on pasture, 4 x daily if not
  • Feeding program tailored to your horse’s individual needs - including hay, alfalfa pellets, Fibre Max & Island Horse Supplement
  • Semi and Full Board horses will receive weekly basic grooming and complete body assessments. We love and care for them like they are our own
  • Meticulous daily administering of extra supplements/medications
  • Owner-provided blanketing/boots/fly spray/fly mask application when needed - no extra charge
  • Basic First Aid for non-serious/minor injuries - no extra charge
  • Complete 100% transparency with all members of the horse’s health care team
Three Horses Undergoing Rehab

Boarding Options

Self Board

$ 250
/month (+ gst)
  • Effective Aug 1, 2020
  • Daily rates also available

Semi Self Board

$ 400
/month (+ gst)
  • Effective Aug 1, 2020
  • Daily rates also available

Semi Full Board

$ 300
/month (+ gst)
  • Effective Aug 1, 2020
  • Daily rates also available

Full Board

$ 450
/month (+ gst)
  • Effective Aug 1, 2020
  • Daily rates also available
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